Arts & Crafts

Everyone’s a Picasso at the Venny

We get to create whatever we want

The art room is, very, popular at the playground, children and young people get the opportunity to be as creative as they want. They can use the space and equipment to express themselves through art and craft and develop their skills as an artist. whether it be graffiti art, origami, poetry, dance, music the opportunities are endless. We have a wide range of resources available, and at times have artists visit us to work with the young people, recently we worked with ZAP Graffiti Arts creating a mural for a building on our grounds, Movema to celebrate Chinese New Year, The Giants Project creating dreamcatchers that went on display at the Tate Gallery.

Other projects include an exploration of Keith Haring’s work and visiting an exhibition at the Tate Gallery which resulted in some of the young people receiving an AQA in the work they produced. Annual events that they take part in every year is Halloween, decorating the building and creating spooky installations for the hall and garden. They also make crafts and artwork for varied holiday celebrations throughout the year including, Easter, Chinese New Year, Christmas, International Women’s Day, Black History Month and Mental Health awareness week. Along with using art and craft to celebrate these notable dates we also explore the subjects and current affairs via discussion and other activities.

Mediums we have also focused on in the art room this year have included learning how to use Watercolour, Acrylic, painting on canvas, spray painting, batik, collage and many more.


My mum doesn’t let me near the kitchen at home, we get to cook lots of different foods

The cooking workshops offer the opportunity for the children and young people to learn life skills which will prove invaluable and which they’ll take it to their adult life. They get to learn about nutrition, personal hygiene, health & safety and also how to budget for meals. They prepare meals for their peers and families to enjoy.

Accredited qualifications, junior master chef, online cooking sessions with families, work with other agencies providing information and advice for young people and families on health & nutrition etc.

Soft Play

The soft play room or softy as it’s mostly referred to, has padded mats on the floor and around the walls to maximise safety. With different shaped blocks for the children and young people to use. The room provides a safe but spacious place for physical and rough and tumble activities. The room is used for creative, imaginative play and a place where they can relax (chill). The softy is suitable for all ages however children and young people are only allowed in with their own age group, so time in their is limited.

Trips and Camps

It was really really good I loved all the activities but didn’t like the big hill. I loved the rocket experiment it was cool even though Rachael and Shirley’s won. It was great to be with friends. I want to go again. Grace – age 8

We are passionate about the positive impact trips and residentials have on the young people, it gives opportunities for the young people to build positive relationships and a sense of belonging and togetherness and some really nice childhood memories.

They offer the chance to experience something they may not normally have the opportunity to do.



Sports & Fitness

International Youth Exchanges

The Hands4you project was a youth exchange that arose from the slogan that SOPRO carries for more than 20 years, “Small Gestures that change the World” because we believe that a small gesture can make great changes and every gesture undertaken in this project was special.

The project was aimed at young people with fewer opportunities, between 14 and 17 years old, and was held in Barcelos and Braga (Portugal) from December 3 to 13, 2019, involving 35 young participants and 14 leaders.


Promoting human rights education, with a focus on cultural diversity and active citizenship, through the creation and development of volunteer activities by the young participants it was our great challenge in this project.


  • Work team, Icebreakers, Energizers
  • Commemoration of the International
  • Volunteer Day
  • Workshops about Humans Rights
  • Presentation of Volunteer Projects
  • Volunteering
  • Street Performance
  • Municipality of Barcelos
  • Cultural Visits
  • Thematic Nights
  • Other Activities.


“I believe that youth exchanges are an excellent opportunity for young people to develop new skills, to become aware of socially relevant issues and to discover new cultures and new habits of life different from those with which they come into contact daily.
This exchange, in particular, enabled the different participants to be trained with the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills necessary both to defend human rights and to have the basic skills to implement their own workshops and training on human rights with other young people in their community. I consider this exchange to have been extremely important not only for young people, thus providing them with an opportunity to become active citizens and agents of change, but also for leaders as they have managed to share different activities, methods and techniques in this way. with others, returning to their institutions certainly with new perspectives and points of view. As, a leader, the impact of this project made me much more aware and motivated.”

João Silva – SOPRO


  • Further development of personal and social skills such as self-confidence
  • Development of skills at personal, social and soft skills levels promoting the personal development and growth of young people towards autonomy, stimulating their resilience and providing them with life skills
  • Respect for unity and diversity, reinforcing the feeling of a community and, therefore, a cohesive and, above all, tolerant Europe, demystifying national borders and instilling a more active spirit in young European citizens
  • Acquisition of skills for reflection, introspection, self-criticism, autonomy; determination; know hear; ability to work as a team
  • Greater mutual knowledge, interaction and relaxation of the elements of the different groups, promotion of multiculturalism and sharing personal experiences in order to foster feelings of belonging and union.
  • Greater spirit of initiative, personal skills, ability to improvise, problem solving, acquisition of communication skills, reduction of language barriers and encouragement in the use of the English language among the young participants.
  • Acquired skills to set goals, objectives, tasks, define work strategies and overcome obstacles.
  • Acquired leadership skills and time management and team projects.



The Playground recognises that its work, and the effects of its work, need to be carried out with an understanding of its impact on the environment.

Throughout our work we will actively seek to minimise the negative impact of our activities upon the environment.

Children and young people using the Playground will be actively involved in the development and implementation of our Environmental Policy. A culture of respect and responsibility towards our environment and natural resources will be cultivated.

Developing project work around environmental and conservation issues with children and young people.

Introducing, children and young people in issues of recycling and environmental awareness.

Building a bug house.

Making bird boxes.

Composting in our garden area.

Targeted Support