Arts & Crafts

Everyone’s a Picasso at the Venny

We get to create whatever we want

The art room is very popular at the playground, children and young people get the opportunity to be as creative as they want, use their imagination, complete homework tasks etc. We have a wide range of resources available, and at times have artists visit us, whether it be graffiti art, origami, poetry, music the opportunities are endless.


My mum doesn’t let me near the kitchen at home, we get to cook lots of different foods

The cooking workshops offer the opportunity for the children and young people to learn life skills which will prove invaluable and which they’ll take it to their adult life. They get to learn about nutrition, personal hygiene, health & safety and also how to budget for meals. They prepare meals for their peers and families to enjoy.

Soft Play

The soft play room or softy as it’s mostly referred to, has padded mats on the floor and around the walls to maximise safety. With different shaped blocks for the children and young people to use. The room provides a safe but spacious place for physical and rough and tumble activities. The room is used for creative, imaginative play and a place where they can relax (chill). The softy is suitable for all ages however children and young people are only allowed in with their own age group, so time in their is limited.

Trips and Camps

It was really really good I loved all the activities but didn’t like the big hill. I loved the rocket experiment it was cool even though Rachael and Shirley’s won. It was great to be with friends. I want to go again. Grace – age 8

We are passionate about the positive impact trips and residentials have on the young people, it gives opportunities for the young people to build positive relationships and a sense of belonging and togetherness and some really nice childhood memories.

They offer the chance to experience something they may not normally have the opportunity to do.