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Project Overview

To develop our outside play facility, carrying out much needed maintenance, installing new equipment, up grading existing equipment, provide training, increase skills, and volunteer opportunities.

Project Summary

We strive to empower and encourage the young people to set themselves achievable goals to in still self-worth, confidence, and entrepreneurial skills to develop their own leadership skills.
GAP will look at working with families, so we are empowering the household and not just the young person. Each young person will have an individual plan and if working with the parents/guardians they will also set themselves goals which are achievable and raise aspirations.

Community Action Days will be organised to increase the number of volunteers participating, providing them with the necessary skills to undertake the work needed.

Training opportunities offered.

Increase social action and community cohesion.


  • Increased number of Young People and community volunteering
  • Community clean-up
  • Training offered
  • Improved Community Cohesion – working together to organise event & volunteering
  • Improve neighbourhood – clean-up event
  • Empowering residents and community – Provided the opportunities to get involved and facilitated the event using social media, meetings and advertising locally.
  • Provided access to information and services locally working with other agencies.
  • Encouraged more citizens to be active and healthy. – Activities for all ages
  • Maintaining community safety
  • Giving young people and community a voice by working with them to accommodate what they want
  • Food Poverty- access to services and information
  • Provided Family support, Information and advice
  • Reduced the risk of isolation by creating opportunities for everyone
  • 4 Community action days organised and 3 large pieces of equipment built, bought and 2 installed. Small pieces of equipment restored, built and much needed maintenance carried out including the posts and stairs leading to the lower play area replaced
  • We reached out to local church to see if they would like to get involved
  • All works carried out with the help of volunteers
  • In total 80 adult volunteers involved
  • The fifth day to install 3rd piece of equipment had to be cancelled due to Covid-19

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